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Entry #3

somebody tried to get into my account .

2014-08-23 03:55:21 by V-JOLT

Not really a good reason to come back to visit ,  but I got a couple e-mails about somebody trying to break into my account .   I was like WHHAAAAT ?  NEWGROUNDS ?  damn it's been a long time since I vistied.

I wish a couple of my portal submissions survived the gauntlet .  I think they deserved a second chance . 

ass beard 2 was finished ! but there was a power outage right when I got it done .  didn't save any of my work and it dissapeared.   I WAS DEVISTATED .  that was back in 2001.

just to give you an idea of what ass beard 2 would of been .   he was in a flying pirate ship in the clouds propelled by his own farts. 



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2014-08-23 05:41:23

I've heard that some accounts were locked down because of too many retries on the password, and NG usually lifts the lock-out after 24 hours...

Wade and some others don't like too much cut n paste stuff these days, but I'm sure you could get away with something, if you still remember how to do flash...