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Entry #1

Well ,

2011-08-04 11:52:53 by V-JOLT

It's been Years and years since anyones heard a peep out of me .
the flash cartoon world has kinda died off , it's not new and exiting anymore.

but I'll let you in on a couple things .

there was a movie I posted before I quit of a deep fried chicken head that looked like a chicken nugget pecking rondal mc donald's face off. I don't have this video anymore. but it was pretty funny.
I'd say it was a lot like the little Gregory's playhouse vid.

the saddest story is , I completed ass beard part 2 and It was exactly how I wanted it to turn out.
he got on a flying air ship powered by his farts and I think he drank more surge . and he encountered his nemesis again in the sky , and it had a gory ending (like a lot of the cartoons I made do)

Well ,


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